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Tip:  Until our revamp is complete, right click on the link, and choose open in new tab.  This will open a new tab for you to request your freebie, while keeping TFS open for the next offer!

Added 11/14/08:

Stride Gum - Receive a free pack of Stride at this fun website.  Decide to sue or settle, answer a few questions and get your free gum!

Free Rosary Kit - Receive a free rosary kit, craft and return to Mission Rosary.  Great for children to learn the benefits of giving!

Free Wristband - Recycle Today...Save Tomorrow!

Tip:  Use a free mail account from Google.  Many free offers will send you confirmation e-mails, notifications of new offers and more.  Keep your main e-mail free from spam!

Free Bracelet - Request your free bracelet and written explanation for each color on this bracelet.  One per household.

Live Spam Free Wristband - Request your free wristband today!

Kidzooka Wristbands - Register with Kidzooka and receive (2) FREE wristbands.

Rosaries For Your Family -  Family Rosary has given away 17 million rosaries since 1992.  Receive up to 5 free rosaries for your family.

Tip:  Purchase a basket from your local dollar store.  Line basket with season appropriate decorative towel(s).  Fill with freebies, coupons and samples you receive.  Wrap with inexpensive packaging from your local dollar store.  Makes a great gift for friends, family and co-workers for less than 5 bucks!